Costume Jewelry



Costume Jewelry
A solo exhibition at SNAP Gallery
July 5th – August 11th, 2019








Accidental Ecosystem

Large Format Photograph of foam, wood veneer, plastercene, astroturf and found objects with wood veneer and foam








Accidental Ecosystem Detail









Recycle Bin

Large Format Photograph of paper and found objects with printer paper








Golf Course

Large Format Photograph of clay, dirt, astroturf and found objects with astroturf and foam








Golf Course Detail









Dow Jones

Large Format Photograph of wood veneer, printer paper, carpet, clay, foam and found objects with foam and wood veneer









Large Format Photograph of plastercene, cloth, wood veneer, printer paper and found objects








Stretch Details








Costume Jewelry took place after a 6 month residency at the printmaking centre SNAP

Was seeing a lot of fake lens flares in video games and movies,
simulated depth of field in phone photography, fake rain drops
and fake camera shake etc at this time.
Things that were previously considered undesirable technical
failings of a camera added in to make something feel “real”,
and I was trying to do the opposite of that with these images.
Maybe the prevalence of “photo-realistic” digital rendering is
an opportunity to contrast such and exploit photography’s
inherently deceptive nature. I used a 4×5 view camera and only
made adjustments to contrast and colours



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