Celine Bureau



Celine Bureau 2021 Summer Residency Exhibition

A group exhibition at Celine Bureau in Montreal with Maggy Hamel-Metsos, Olga Abeleva and Shahin Sharafaldin




















This Magic Moment

Photosenstive dye and acrylic airbrush with plaster frame









So different and so new…








Hot Car

Photosenstive dye and acrylic airbrush, rivets and cord















Midnite Walk

Photosenstive dye acrylic airbrush and conte











The Celine Bureau Summer residency is a two month residency that culminated in this group exhibition.
My work in this exhibition was influenced by the space of Celine Bureau itself,
both its physical features and its original utility as an alleyway garage.




This exhibition with made possible through funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil Des Arts De Montreal